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About Rosso Gardens

At Rosso Gardens, our roots run deep. Since 1958, we have helped people like you achieve their garden dreams with unusual specimens and a large inventory of regional favorites.

Bring us your plans and let us help you shape them into a beautiful reality that reflects the spirit and vitality of the Pacific Northwest we all love so much. You will find great quality and great prices.


Knowledgeable Advice That Works for You

Our experienced, professional staff is dedicated to building an excellent relationship with our clients. 

We will help you discover the plants that help create the effect you are looking for, even when it is not the plant you were expecting! That is the fun and adventure of gardening with us.
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Control the Conditions in Your Garden Plot

We will help you create the right conditions in your soil by determining the proper nutrients and watering schedule for the plants you want to grow.

Let your imagination run wild and count on us to be right there at your side!
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It's Time to Get Ready for Spring

Contact us or call 206-763-1888 today to learn more about our spring promotions. Be sure to ask about contractor discounts and our wholesale prices.

Come see us at our new location at 12525 E. Marginal Way S.
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