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“The nicest family you can imagine at the grungiest nursery in Seattle. For nursery addicts it's a refreshing change from the twee polish of Wells and Swanson's; a great old-school place for standbys, for good prices on b&b trees, for remembering what nurseries were like before Martha Stewart ruled the Earth.”

David C.
Spokane, WA

"This place is outstanding. In the 10 times I've been I think I've met the entire family and I have not come across a more helpful and knowledgeable bunch in my hundreds of visits to the local nurserys/garden stores.

I have purchased a number of items, but the most recent was two large plum trees. They delivered for a reasonable price, and helped me get the 300 pounds of tree planted right. The delivery guy, also named Greg, was top notch.

I'm looking forward to future purchases and to watching these wonderful plum trees grow.”

Greg H 
Seattle, WA

​"We were on the hunt for a Christmas tree that was undead....the valley was barren.  

Tree stand guy: "what do you mean, this is a fresh tree?!?" Me: "I want one that is alive an uncut, do you have that?"
Tree stand guy: "yes, this alive, no fake..."

I called Holly Hill Nursery, also in my hood...but they don't do it anymore now that A-holes like Lowes sell trees for like $.50. He's barely in business....but I digress.

Flippin-A, Julius Rosso. Right. They are awesome.

They have many, many uncut, potted Fir trees that are ALIVE!
My sweetie had such a nice time talking with the staff lady that I wandered off and let them compare the "feel" of each potential Christmas tree candidate. He picked one, and she said, "nah, you don't want that one, FEEL THIS"...and she got him hooked on a cute 4' White Noble Fir.

He loves it, I love it. It's gonna look great over the years as we'll plant it in our yard in a few months. Only $39."

Reese H. 
Seattle, WA
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